Crystal Pools

Crystal Stainless Steel Pools

Crystal stainless steel swimming pools feature a wide range of shapes, sizes and interior finish options to accommodate any facility.

Supported by a corrosion-resistant structural buttress system, Crystal pools are suitable for virtually any environment.


Features & Benefits of a Crystal Pool System

  • Ideal for recreational swimming, hydrotherapy and water aerobics
  • Perfectly tailored for competition, training or lap swimming. Certified to all current USA Swimming, FINA, NCAA, YMCA and NAHSA standards
  • Suitable for in-ground, on-ground or elevated construction
  • No buried perimeter supply piping
  • Available with stainless steel stair and bench sections
  • Green — 100% recycled stainless steel
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, pre-engineered to eliminate site-construction variations or design changes
  • Compliant with state, municipal and local construction codes
  • Furnished with optional filtration and treatment systems
  • Available with integral spa or hydrotherapy areas
  • Wide range of interior finish options
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
  • All-welded, permanently watertight construction